You have NO EXCUSE not to get a Wii U for this ridiculous price!

wii u news, what's newArguably, the Wii U was touted as the best console of 2014 because of its impressive line up of games. Three of which stood out as a lot of sites game of the year, Mario Kart 8 proved to be possibly the most fun we have had in any Mario Kart game in history, Bayonetta 2 has a strong claim to be the best action game of all time and Super Smash Bros added lots of new features including 8 player smash that will have us smashing for years to come! Let’s not forget about Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze which released in February 2014 that stands out as a fresh and fun filled platformer that packs a mean challenge. If you didn’t get a Wii U in 2014, what excuse can you possibly have not to get one for £119.86? Read on

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