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A Link to the Past fans will love the look of Hazelnut Bastille

hazelnut bastille titleLet’s be honest here, there have been dozens of games that have come out since The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past was released way back on the SNES that have all drawn inspiration from the 16 bit classic. The fact that it never feels over saturated with these titles that draw such inspiration goes to show the sheer power that ALTTP holds, everybody loves it and everybody is welcoming when an inspired game is announced. That being said, a Zelda clone that’s purpose is purely to make money for being exactly like Zelda is something fans may scoff at but Hazelnut Bastille is no such game. Yes it clearly draws inspiration from ALTTP but it clearly holds its own cards in its hand and has more than enough reasons to keep gamers interested other than the way it looks. Read more

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