5 announcements the Wii U could do with at E3

The Wii U’s successor has already been announced in the form of the “NX” but we are yet to receive any details as to what exactly it is. All we know is that Nintendo have partnered with mobile giants “DENA” so we can safely assume that Nintendo are looking to at least get their brand recognised by utilizing their IP in the mobile universe. Since this announcement, many people have come to the conclusion that Nintendo are not going to be supporting the Wii U too much and will be concentrating their efforts in its successor.

Nintendo could do with having a big E3 this year highly focused on the Wii U to give us Wii U owners some faith and other reasons to make us to think that the Wii U still has some fight left in it. We all know by now that the Wii U Zelda game has been delayed into at least 2016 and there will not be a showing for it at this years E3, this gives Nintendo a big space to fill and hopefully they can bring something big to the table this year. Here are 5 announcements I feel Nintendo could do with making at E3 this year.

1. Xenoblade Chronicles X western release date

wii u news,what's new wii u news,what's new

Japan has recently seen the release of this behemoth of a game and although its release has been slated for 2015 for North America and Europe, I think it’s time we had a release date for these regions. No Zelda this year means two positive things, the development of the game have a lot more time to polish the game and make it the best Zelda ever made and it also means it gives Xenoblade Chronicles X its moment to shine as this years biggest Wii U exclusive release. I think it is very important to announce a release date to give people like me the chance to relax knowing that it isn’t being delayed…

The importance of Xenoblade Chronicles X is very big for the Wii U because there really isn’t anything else like it on the system, by the looks of the gameplay videos it looks like the Wii U has its very own FFIX. The Wii U will never receive the likes of such games like FFIX or Star Ocean so you can see why I am anxious to get my hands on Xenoblade Chronicles X as a big JRPG fan. A release date announcement at E3 is not anywhere near as exciting as a new game announcement but I feel it is just as important at this stage.

2. Star Fox full reveal

wii u news,what's new wii u news, what's new

We know it’s coming, we heard it from the horses mouth himself and we have been made aware that the game is still on schedule for its release this year. Strangely enough we have not seen one gameplay video, one single screenshot or any details on the game whatsoever, we are nearly half way through the same year of the games release and yet have no details at all. Are we really safe to assume that the game will be released this year or are we going to get the same treatment Zelda got? Now that Zelda has been delayed, Star Fox could be the big fall release title.

So, E3 is next month, Nintendo have a month to get the most spectacular Star Fox unveiling possible. Fans like me have been waiting for a proper Star Fox game since Lylat Wars way back on the N64, please do not let us down Mr Miyamoto. We do not want this game to be a gamepad tech demo with full on gimmicks, we want a full blown Star Fox adventure complete with mind blowing graphics, a killer story and online dog fights. We will not settle for anything less so make it happen, throw in some kind of Fox Mcloud amiibo support if you have to.

3. A new Metroid game announcement 

wii u news, what's new wii u news, what's new

When you look all over the internet for ideas on what Nintendo fans want to see on the Wii U, the answer you will see a lot of the time is a new Metroid game. Whether it’s a new entry to the Metroid Prime series or a new 2D Metroid game the answers may differ, but at the end of the day we all want the same thing: a new Metroid game for the Wii U. Imagine the gorgeous HD visuals, using the gamepad to scan the surroundings and maybe even using the gamepad to control flying the ship. The possibilities are pretty endless for a Metroid game on the Wii U and many fans would welcome it.

Retro Studios were behind the highly successful Metroid Prime series so we all know they are more than capable at developing a stellar Metroid game. Since Retro Studios completed development of Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze (a fantastic game by the way) we have since learned that they are indeed working on a new game for the Wii U. I am struggling at this point to understand what this game could be if not a new Metroid game? It is the only game the fans are crying out for and what better time to unveil it than E3 2015?

4. More N64 titles for the Virtual Console

wii u news, what's new wii u news, what's new

We recently have been given a little doseage of the N64 treatment on the Wii U’s virtual console, by that I mean we have seen the release of a couple of big N64 games on it including Super Mario 64 and Donkey Kong 64. It’s fantastic, the fans have been waiting for the announcement of N64 games for such a long time now and things were looking desperate when we started getting Wii games available to download before any N64 game announcements. Thankfully Nintendo have begun to follow through and have started to trickle out some N64 classics.

Now let’s have some more, let’s have a plethora of quality N64 games announced and dated for the Wii U virtual console at this years E3. There are literally tons of classic N64 titles that many (myself included) people would download and also there are many titles we may have missed back in the day and would love to try, I never even played Pokemon Snap for example. Let’s have waves of N64 titles released like we have waves of Amiibo’s and maybe have special three for two promotions, The N64 is one of my favourite consoles of all time and I for one would love to relive some of my classic gaming memories.

5. Huge Pokemon game announcement

pokemon1 pokemon2

Although I lost pretty much all interest in Pokemon since I completed Pokemon Red/Blue way back on the Game Boy, the thought of a huge open world HD Pokemon adventure on the Wii U does excite me. Such a shame that no such thing has even been hinted at at this point and why would they? Pokemon does more than well enough on Nintendo’s handheld devices so they have no need to bring it to their home consoles. Which I suppose is fair enough, why fix what doesn’t need to be fixed? Well why not take a risk Nintendo? The closest thing we saw to a fully fledged 3d Pokemon adventure on a home console was Pokemon Collesium on the Gamecube which in my opinion was severley underwhelming.

Just imagine what could be done with a game of this stature, think of a massive open world with random encounters in various areas, gym badges to collect, meeting up with friends online to battle, trade and explore together, endless possibilities for a real gold mine of a game that Nintendo simply refuses to create. Amiibo support could coincide with this game too, imagine waves of Pokemon ammibo figures that release every so often that unlock hidden abilities for each of these Pokemon. This could potentially be a billion dollar business in itself!

So there you have it folks, I am sure there are other announcements that you would like to see for the Wii U at this years E3 which is right around the corner now. What would you like to see? Please let me know in the comments section below.

Written by Sammy J on 04 May 2015

4 thoughts on “5 announcements the Wii U could do with at E3

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  2. DrGhettoblaster

    Completely agree with #2-4. I would personally also love to see:

    – New F-Zero, or F-Zero HD collection.
    – New Zelda Wii U trailer.
    – Animal Crossing Wii U
    – Mario Galaxy 3
    – Mario Sunshine HD
    – new Zelda HD WiiU port announcement (ie. Twilight Princess, or 3DS Majoras Mask + Ocarania of Time WiiU port/compilation)


  3. Nate

    Indeed! all im craving is Metroid, F-Zero and Starfox. although i have wanted a sequel to Geist for like 10 years now lol bring everything!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. zinger_AU

    Yes to all of these, but what would truly make my decade is a new Waverace game.

    Waverace Blue Storm was so awesome, I have been wanting more for ten years now.

    It ain’t gonna happen.

    Anyway, a Metroid announcement is LONG overdue.

    Liked by 1 person


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