Bushiden – A Metroidvania worth supporting

Literally dozens of gaming projects are added to Kickstarter all the time, so many in fact that it can be a daunting exercise trying to establish which campaigns are worthy of at least your attention. Fear not, I have done the research for you and found a game that I have personally picked over hundreds of others and have determined that it could be the next game on every Metroidvania fans wish list. I am fully aware that a Metroidvania style game isn’t exactly a ground breaking genre these days and that there are so many of them in existence at this point but that doesn’t mean to say that there are too many. You can never have too much of a good thing and Bushiden is a promising looking Metroidvania game that is shaping up to be a very welcome addition to the ever growing genre. Let’s have a closer look at what Pixel Arc Studios have been cooking up for us.

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At first glance, Bushiden looks like a Metroidvania style Ninja Gaiden game which is essentially what I am hoping it to turn out like. Once development is all said and done and we are able to get our hands on the game, I am hopeful that we will be playing a cool looking, combo driven combat ninja game without the ridiculous difficulty of the original Ninja Gaiden on the NES. When you watch the gameplay trailer for Bushiden, you will notice that you will need to rely on your quick thinking when it comes to implementing which attacks and skills to chain together. Also, the game looks difficult enough to keep you on your toes without adopting an almost unplayable difficulty possessed by the original Ninja Gaiden. It’s also worth mentioning that the drawn and animated pixel art looks awesome! We seem to be off to a good start with Bushiden, even better is the fact that the planned release of the game includes physical editions for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 as well as the obvious digital version for each console and Steam.

So what is Bushiden about then you may be wondering? You take on the role of Reyley of the Iga-Ryu clan in order to put an end to the dreadful Gaoh who has been revived from the dead. It would appear that Gaoh along with his cybergenetic army have kidnapped Reyleys sister by a way of some kind of revenge for defeating him in the past. It sounds simple enough but we can rest assured that the story of the game will unfold more in the cinematics as we progress through the seven levels plus prologue area to on offer. Provided the kickstarter campaign hits the relevant stretch goals, we will also be able to take on Bushidens new game+ which will allow us to play through the game again with all of Reyleys upgrades and abilities. Not only that, a further stretch goal will enable us to play through the story again as Reyleys sister Seana, who has a completely different move set and play style to Reyley adding to the replay value of the game. Why not check out what other stretch goals are on offer for Bushiden? At the time of writing this, the game is currently sitting at £40,581 pledged out of £53,549 required for initial development funding with 6 days to go. It would be a crying shame if Bushiden didn’t quite hit its initial goal so why not check out the kickstarter page and consider backing this promising looking project?

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Let’s go over some of Bushidens key features starting with a more detailed look at how the combat system works. The developers are calling it their “crowd control combat system” which enables players to dive right into the centre of several enemies and being able to dispatch them all quickly and effectively, like any good ninja would. The combat system is centred around a three hit combo mechanic that if executed correctly will leave the enemy stunned. There are three different options built into the three hit combo system which will allow players to deal with circumstances how they see fit depending on the situation. For instance, one of the options is to execute the “Attack Area Finisher” whilst dealing the three hit combo which performs an attack that targets a specific area around Reyley. So you can use it to attack a second enemy who might be creeping up behind you whilst you are performing the combo on another enemy. Another option is the “Combo Shuriken Throw” which will allow Reyley to throw a Shuriken behind him and stun an enemy before finishing off your combo on another. Finally there is the “Combo Cancel” which will allow Reyley to perform a dodge roll out of harms way mid combo granting him invincibility briefly whilst rolling. Each of the three combo options will need to be mastered if you are to come out on top in these crowd controlling situations.

Bushiden promises to come complete with epic boss battles, victory over each battle will grant Reyley a new ability and there are six new abilities to retrieve. Each new ability will be beneficial either in a combat or traversal sense but staying true to the Metroidvania genre, you will be able to use these new abilities in order to access some areas of levels you would previously not have been able. For example, one of the newly acquired abilities will allow Reyley to run along electrical currents making it possible to reach an area you couldn’t reach before. Another ability enables you to reverse gravity allowing Reyley to run along the ceiling in areas containing “gravity modulators”. Bushiden comes with its own shop where you can spend your in game currency obtained from random enemy drops on helpful consumables like health upgrades, certain spell attacks and my personal favourite item: “Shuriken Tech” items. Once you acquire the “Shuriken Tech” ability, you will be able to infuse your shurikens with properties such as electricity that can shock enemies stunning them or explosive properties that inflict increased damage! How awesome is that?!

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Does Bushiden interest you? Make sure you head over to Pixel Arc Studios main page where you will find links to their social media accounts where you can follow them and stay updated on development of the game. Don’t forget to consider backing the game if it really interests you and you feel it deserves a place in your gaming library. Hopefully we will all be able to enjoy slashing our way through multiple enemies simultaneously ninja style! Please enjoy this gameplay video in the meantime.

Witten by Sammy J on 20th October 2018

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