Flynn: Son of Crimson – 2D Action Platforming Done Right

Too many games and not enough time to play them all. That statement is becoming very commonly used amongst gamers and gaming publications alike in this day and age and although I hate to admit it, they’re right. There are so many games that get overlooked for one reason or another through no fault of anyone which is why people like me take great pleasure in raising awareness for smaller games that I feel deserve peoples attention. The big name games out there like Call of Duty, Fifa and Smash Bros all leave craters on the earth when they launch which is fair enough. But let us not forget there will always be alternatives released on a monthly basis that will offer different kinds of satisfaction for your gaming needs. Take Flynn: Son of Crimson for example, this is a 2D action platformer with a lot of satisfaction on offer. I have played through the demo several times and can safely say that it has a lot going for it.

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Flynn sets you off in the world of Rosantica, after a great war between parallel worlds that lasted for decades. One world being a world of humanity and one of Gods which was kept in peace by the Crimson Goddess Sorrell and Lord Zealock who would be torn apart in conflict. The conflict came when Sorrell fell for a mortal knight of Rosantica known as Allistair and ended up leaving her own world for his in the name of love. This obviously didn’t go down too well with Lord Zealock and was seen as a forbidden love affair sending him into madness with Sorrells involvement with the “frail humanity”. But the innocence and good natured will of humanity is exactly what Sorrell fell for and thus, the great conflict began and lasted for decades until one fateful and tragic event. The Goddess Sorrell committed the ultimate sacrifice and gave her own life as well as Allistairs to banish Lord Zealock and his followers to the hostile world they came from.

It has a kind of Romeo and Juliette feel to the story and being the sucker for a true love story that I am, what more can I really ask for? Maybe romancing abilities in the game? Anyway, looking at the gameplay there is a lot on offer. Flynn is at its heart, a 2D action platformer with Metroidvania aspects throughout and while there are many games out there within the same genre, it’s the combat and on the fly weapon swapping that first caught my eye. You can obtain several melee weapons in the game and swap them on the fly by the simple press of a button, no pausing and bringing up a menu required. You can chain together multiple hit combos on your enemies and even swap weapons mid combo to get the most out of them. For example, you can start off a combo with a lighter but faster melee weapon like your sword and finish it off with a heavy weapon like your axe to deliver a heavy finishing blow! Also, where would you be without a decent ranged weapon? You also get to carry your trusted bow around enabling you to dispatch enemies from afar.

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You will also be granted new abilities along the way in order to traverse areas in the game you had not been able to before, keeping Flynn true to the Metroidvania formula. You will need to get hold of the grappling hook for example, in order to hook onto things in order to swing yourself across pits and you will need the punching gloves Melee weapon in order to use the to drill down through certain platforms. This makes me curious as to what other abilities will be on offer as you progress further in the game and what other kinds of weapons can you get that will spice up the combat even more? You are able to do an upward slash with your sword that allows you to attack enemies that are above you which makes for good combos when trying to take on several enemies at once. You also have the ability to dodge roll which aids you considerably when you are either trying to get out of harms way or when rolling underneath an attack while advancing on an enemy. You will need to use your brain and your arsenal of abilities and weapons in parity as you try and figure out some of the games puzzles on offer like when you need to use your bow to shoot switches that will sending a ladder down for you to climb. That’s a pretty basic example but you get the idea.

Flynn seems to handle flawlessly, I played the demo using an Xbox 360 controller which the developers at Studio Thunderhorse advise when you first boot the demo up. I 100% agree with this idea and you will too after you try the demo which I strongly urge you to do if the 2D action Metroidvania style games interest you in even the slightest. The demo of Flynn may be short and sweet but it will leave you yearning for more when it releases next year on PC and MAC. The Kickstarter campaign of the game not only exceeded it’s initial funding goal but has already smashed a few stretch goals, most notably PlayStation 4 and Xbox 1 releases. Checking out their Kickstarter page will give you an idea of other stretch goals that have been reached as well as other information about the game. Honestly, the game feels very comfortable to control and looks fantastic to boot, I just can’t wait to explore the world of Rosantica using the power of Crimson.

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Here’s an idea, why not check out my embarrassing gameplay video of the demo below? It is almost Christmas after all and you have worked hard all year long and deserve a good laugh, so have one on me. Don’t forget to follow Gaming Daze for more Indie magic.

Witten by Sammy J on 15th December 2018

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