Gigabuster – A Mega Man X inspired action platformer with bags of potential

Gigabuster is not the only game to have ever drawn inspiration from the evergreen Mega Man X games and why should it be? The Mega Man X series on the SNES and PS1 was a genre defining series that will likely live on in the hearts of many gamers for the rest of their lives. So it’s no wonder why so many Indie developers choose to create games that are heavily inspired by this classic series. When you think of the Mega Man X games, you think of 16 bit graphics, fast-paced action gameplay, enemies exploding, upgrading weapons and an epic sound track. Gigabuster is shaping up to have all of these things but what sets it apart from being just a Mega Man X clone? What has me interested me about this game from what I have researched is the back story that the game offers, put that together with the fast-paced and over the top action gameplay in cool 16 bit visuals and you have a winner! It has certainly got my attention.

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You play as the tomboyish protagonist Liz who must break into 9 companies and stop mergers with the GEC, a monopoly funding “Happiness”. The GEC was born after the merger of 4 global corporations including CZEVY which was run by the companies CEO Lou after having acquired the position since the sudden disappearance of the companies previous CEO, Lou’s father. With this small titbit of the story, it is obvious that there are bound to be some interesting plot lines and twists as you progress through the game. Since Lou took over, the direction of the company was diverted and started investing in an advanced form of artificial intelligence known as GI and work on project “Happiness” began. The project was not off to a good start but all issues were resolved when Lou proposed using another human as a canvas for the GI’s personality and a year later, Happiness became a very powerful tool for CZEVY.

Once outside investments came pouring in, CZEVY was targeted by much larger and more powerful companies and eventually Lou lost control and became one of the four heads in the GEC since the merger. After time passed, it became clear that the GEC had other plans with project Happiness and despite Lou’s protests, plans for using the project not only to run companies but governments too, were underway. I appreciate a game in this genre using this approach to what ultimately might lead to world domination with its business ethics and global corporation battles. I am looking forward to seeing Lou’s character develop over the course of the game, just how far can a man be pushed after having lost control of his own business empire and seeing his project in the hands of another more powerful corporation? It sounds like it’s enough to almost break a man! Also what is Lou’s relationship with the protagonist Liz? Where does she tie into all of this? There seem to be many unanswered questions but it has me interested enough to want to find out more.

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As far as the gameplay goes, we can expect Gigabuster to be fast-paced and fluent putting your expertise at 2D action platformers to the test. You will start the game with various abilities such as auto charging, air dashing, wall jumping and double jumping which will help you fly around the stages as quickly as you are required to. I am interested to see what other abilities may be unlockable further into the game and also what other weapon styles you might be able to acquire. Visually, Gigabuster looks rather stunning with what I can only describe as a hand-drawn artistic approach for the most part. The background and the foreground, along with the layers in between seem to blend seamlessly together and offers a very eye catching look. Intertwining using your grappling hook to pull yourself near to enemies with blasting off combos looks amazingly addictive and all the more satisfying watching your enemies explode around you. Yes, there are a lot of games out there in this genre that adopt similar assets and play similarly, but I don’t recall one ever having the same look and feel that Gigabuster has.

Let’s go over a few more features of the game, like the combo meter for example. There is a meter at the bottom right corner of the screen that charges up to 100% when you attack enemies, once it reaches 100% you will be able to unleash giga attacks. These are more powerful attacks than normal ones and can damage multiple enemies on the screen. I’m hoping to have an array of giga attacks at my disposal as I progress through the game so I can pull off the coolest looking combos ever rounded off with a heavy giga attack! The game comes complete with a hub world that links all the stages together along with a shop enabling you to buy upgrades and armour that displays visually. Why not check out the Gigabuster demo? It is sure to leave you wanting more after its first playthrough. I have also come to learn that you will be able to argue it out with some corporate CEO’s throughout the game, I wonder how much persuasive conversations with them can influence the game?

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Developer Gigawaller is hoping to have Gigabuster released on PC, Mac and Linux in the first half of 2019, a Nintendo Switch version will be possible if the Kickstarter campaign hits $50,000. If it is not met, the Switch version will depend on the success of the PC version. At the time of writing this article, Gigabuster has reached $3,697 out of it’s initial $15,000 funding goal with 14 days of its campaign to go. I urge you all to have a look at the Kickstarter campaign and consider backing this project if it interests you but I am confident it will hit its $15,000 goal in time. Check out the short gameplay video below and leave a comment if you have any thoughts. Don’t forget to follow Gaming Daze on Twitter for more Indie magic.

Witten by Sammy J on 1st December 2018

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