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Unbound: Worlds Apart is a beautifully crafted puzzle platformer coming to PC and Switch next year!

Unbound mainA lot of research goes into what games to cover at Gaming Daze but sometimes it’s an easy task if you happen to stumble across a game that stands out with an in depth artistic approach. One glimpse at Unbound: Worlds Apart was enough of a hook to lure me into reading up about the game and make me want to crack open the demo and find out how well it plays. Being a sucker for a good puzzle game as well as being a total sucker for a decent platformer, I hoped Unbound wasn’t going to be another game that had the looks but not a lot else. The demo albeit a fairly short experience, but it’s enough of an experience for me to be able to tell that there is more than what meets the eye with Unbound and we could have another Indie gem in the making. Let’s have a closer inspection on what the game has to offer as well as my take on the demo. Read more

Has the early access of A.N.N.E been worth the 6 year wait?

anne titleThe games that are able to pull off multiple genres successfully are usually games that become favoured by cult fanbases. To name a few: Act Raiser, Dark Cloud 2 (Known as Dark Chronicle here in the UK) and Star Fox Adventures! Very rare is it that we will get an Indie title that embraces the challenge of boasting multiple genres within a game due to the constraints, manpower and small amount of funds that smaller independent developers have to work with. A.N.N.E is a game that is not only attempting to push gameplay boundaries but is also very pleasing on the eye and if the early access demo is anything to go by, the full game is set to appease backers of this project very much indeed. It is a shame that fans and backers alike have had to wait 6 long years to get their hands on this early access build since the completion of A.N.N.E’s successful kickstarter campaign back in 2013, here’s hoping we won’t have to wait another 6 years to see the full game released. Read more

Make MindSeize the new game you try today

Mindseize titleLet it be known that I am certainly not the best at Metroidvanias, neither am I all that experienced at them but there is one thing that I am good at and that is being stood corrected by a genre that I hadn’t paid too much attention to previously. Luckily for me, the Metroidvania genre seems to be getting more and more popular with more and more Indie developers creating games within this genre. MindSeize lies within this demographic and draws heavy inspiration from the 16 bit SNES era predominantly from games such as Super Metroid, Super Castlevania and the Mega Man X series. If you were ever a fan of these kind of games or at least appreciate the art style and challenge that these kind of games offer then you should check out MindSeize today. Read more

Eagle Island – A Gorgeous Roguelike Platformer coming to PC and Switch

Eagle Island titleMy experience with Eagle Island left me with an unexpected feeling of a blend of gratitude and satisfaction. Whether that was because I wasn’t sure what to expect going in or because I just don’t have too much hands on experience with many roguelikes up to this point in my life. Or it could be because Eagle Island offers a gameplay experience that will keep you on your toes, will offer rewards based on your level of skill in combat and will push the most core gaming veterans to succeed after failing miserable multiple times. Whatever the reason, Eagle Island left me with a feeling of both triumph and anticipation after I managed to slay the boss in the demo version after about the third or fourth attempt. If the developers Pixelnicks can keep the rhythm of the demo version going across the whole of the game, Eagle Island could be a nice little gem in anyone’s collection. Read more

Tower Princess: I’ve Come For You – First impressions

tower princessDensely populated with 3D action platformers is where the gaming industry finds itself currently, so whenever a new game of this genre is announced it is already assumed that it needs to be something pretty special if it is to be taken seriously. On the other hand, if it is a game not to be taken too seriously but can stand on it’s own two feet boasting it’s own unique style and approach that draws people in then it could be quite successful. Tower Princess: I’ve Come For You stands in this position, while there are a lot of very good action platformers that boast their own independence, I have never come across a game quite like it. Before we get into the nitty gritty, let it be known that I tried the demo and as you will see from my first look video it is fairly obvious that I could do with a bit more practice. Read more

Metaverse Keeper is a fun Dungeon Crawler that will keep you coming back for more

Metaverse titleI stumbled across Metaverse Keeper in the hope to experience something unique and I was not disappointed. While there may be many more games in it’s genre, Metaverse Keeper has enough of its own feel and creativity to keep you coming back for more. Even experienced gamers like myself will find a challenging experience that will give you the drive of re-attempting a failed mission “just one more go” which will turn into about ten more go’s. It’s a game that brings its own style and flavour which help it to stand out in a crowded yet thriving Indie scene without being held back by other games in the same genre. I recently played the Metaverse Keeper Demo for the first time and can tell you it is as fun as it is frustrating in a sense that it makes you want to be better at the game. After you witness how bad I am at the game on my first playthrough, you will understand the level of frustration I am referring to and will hopefully want to try the demo out for yourselves. Read more

Unsung Warriors fits nicely in a crowded Metroidvania genre

unsung warriors pic1Surely not another Metroidvania? The genre seems to be more alive these days than it’s ever been thanks to an army of independent developers exposing our love and desire for it. There is something extremely enticing about a good Metroidvania giving gamers the freedom to explore vast 2D (usually) worlds whilst having to use our brains and come back to previously visited areas once a certain ability has been obtained. On the flip side, it’s the backtracking that puts a lot of non-fans off and while I understand their notion, I will be explaining in as much detail as I can why even the non Metroidvania fans should at least give Unsung Warriors a look in. After giving the prologue demo a go (which you can see below) I came to the conclusion that Unsung Warriors has enough in its locker to hold its own and stand shoulder to shoulder with the many great Metroidvanias currently on the market. Read more

Monster Sanctuary – An Addictive Masterpiece in the Making?

monster sanc titleGrowing up as a kid playing video games on my favourite console of all time: the SNES, there were games that I played that I will remember for as long as I am alive which is why the SNES is my favourite console of all time. There are the obvious choices that normally get all the plaudits like Super Mario World and Zelda: A Link to the Past etc and among them are the types of games that I would get sucked into and spend hours upon hours on end playing throughout all sorts of ungodly hours of the day and night. These include Super Metroid and the Final Fantasy’s to name a couple. They are the sort of games you intend on playing for a bit and before you know it, 4 hours have literally flown by! As soon as I started playing the Monster Sanctuary demo, I knew I was going to be in for a similar experience. So get comfortable and allow me to try to explain as best as I can why Monster Sanctuary is a time sink that people would be proud to plunge dozens of hours into. Read more

Flynn: Son of Crimson – 2D Action Platforming Done Right

flynn titleToo many games and not enough time to play them all. That statement is becoming very commonly used amongst gamers and gaming publications alike in this day and age and although I hate to admit it, they’re right. There are so many games that get overlooked for one reason or another through no fault of anyone which is why people like me take great pleasure in raising awareness for smaller games that I feel deserve peoples attention. The big name games out there like Call of Duty, Fifa and Smash Bros all leave craters on the earth when they launch which is fair enough. But let us not forget there will always be alternatives released on a monthly basis that will offer different kinds of satisfaction for your gaming needs. Take Flynn: Son of Crimson for example, this is a 2D action platformer with a lot of satisfaction on offer. I have played through the demo several times and can safely say that it has a lot going for it. Read more

Gigabuster – A Mega Man X inspired action platformer with bags of potential

gigabuster titleGigabuster is not the only game to have ever drawn inspiration from the evergreen Mega Man X games and why should it be? The Mega Man X series on the SNES and PS1 was a genre defining series that will likely live on in the hearts of many gamers for the rest of their lives. So it’s no wonder why so many Indie developers choose to create games that are heavily inspired by this classic series. When you think of the Mega Man X games, you think of 16 bit graphics, fast-paced action gameplay, enemies exploding, upgrading weapons and an epic sound track. Gigabuster is shaping up to have all of these things but what sets it apart from being just a Mega Man X clone? What has me interested me about this game from what I have researched is the back story that the game offers, put that together with the fast-paced and over the top action gameplay in cool 16 bit visuals and you have a winner! It has certainly got my attention. Read more

Omno – A beautiful journey awaits

Omno pic1Beautiful, that is the first word that springs to mind when I first set my eyes upon the world of Omno. The game looks visually stunning and nothing short of it, but add to it the level of atmosphere Omno creates and it instantly pulls you in. I must admit, I am a sucker for a deep atmosphere in games which is probably what has drawn me in so much about Omno. But atmosphere can only do so much, the gameplay needs to be impressive and after doing my research and watching gameplay videos, it is clear that there is more to Omno than what meets the eye. So please sit back, relax and allow me to explain to you why the gorgeous and intriguing world of Omno should be on your radar for when it releases next year. Read more

A Link to the Past fans will love the look of Hazelnut Bastille

hazelnut bastille titleLet’s be honest here, there have been dozens of games that have come out since The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past was released way back on the SNES that have all drawn inspiration from the 16 bit classic. The fact that it never feels over saturated with these titles that draw such inspiration goes to show the sheer power that ALTTP holds, everybody loves it and everybody is welcoming when an inspired game is announced. That being said, a Zelda clone that’s purpose is purely to make money for being exactly like Zelda is something fans may scoff at but Hazelnut Bastille is no such game. Yes it clearly draws inspiration from ALTTP but it clearly holds its own cards in its hand and has more than enough reasons to keep gamers interested other than the way it looks. Read more

Bushiden – A Metroidvania worth supporting

bushiden titleLiterally dozens of gaming projects are added to Kickstarter all the time, so many in fact that it can be a daunting exercise trying to establish which campaigns are worthy of at least your attention. Fear not, I have done the research for you and found a game that I have personally picked over hundreds of others and have determined that it could be the next game on every Metroidvania fans wish list. I am fully aware that a Metroidvania style game isn’t exactly a ground breaking genre these days and that there are so many of them in existence at this point but that doesn’t mean to say that there are too many. You can never have too much of a good thing and Bushiden is a promising looking Metroidvania game that is shaping up to be a very welcome addition to the ever growing genre. Let’s have a closer look at what Pixel Arc Studios have been cooking up for us. Read more

Encased – A promising sci-fi post-apocalyptic RPG

encased titleRPG fan? Good, story-driven? awesome. Like a bit of sci-fi? Also good. Don’t mind a bit of post-apocalypticness? Great! Dark Crystal Games may just have the game for you. Taking place in the games open world known as “The Dome” which is a mysterious structure discovered in a remote desert, players will need to rely on their skills of exploration and tactics in traditional turn based combat in order to overcome the mysterious nature within the world of Encased. Create your own unique looking character, choose to work under one of five factions known as “wings” and journey into this narrative-based RPG as you attempt to help save all humanity as it struggles under the Dome. Read more

Fan of Earthbound? Glitched is the game for you

glitched titleAs a fan of Earthbound, my desire to play a game that dares to embody a similar style and feeling of the franchise has gone largely unfulfilled since we were graced with it way back in the days of the SNES. Don’t get me wrong, there have been good games that share a likeness to Earthbound, (Citizens of Earth and Undertale spring to mind) but it has to be said that not many games developed today draw too much inspiration from the franchise. Fast forward to 2018 and Lady Luck seems to have ridden my way as it seems that I have stumbled across a game that could potentially scratch the Earthbound itch that has been bothering me for quite some time. I know for a fact that I am not alone and for those of you who have not heard of the game, I implore you to go look up Glitched as it could be the answer you have been looking for. Read more

Spelunky 2 – It can’t come soon enough

spelunky 2 titleIf platformers are your thing, the Indie game scene is absolutely littered with unique platforming games that will keep you occupied for months on end, especially with 2d platformers. If you fancy a break from the norm of jumping on top of turtles and saving the local Princess but still wish to scratch that platforming itch, you are not short of options. What you might be short of is the answer to which game to choose from an ever growing list of platformers that each claim to deserve your attention for their own unique reasons. Spelunky 2 will give many reasons as to why it deserves the time and love of the devoted platforming fanbase when it drops next year. Read more

Wargroove – an exciting game the current gen needs

wargroove title screenOne thing is for certain, the last two console generations saw a resurgence with Indie games. Having so many Indie games to choose from on whatever platform you prefer to play them on is not only a good thing because it gives gamers more of a choice of games to try, but because it’s encouraging to see smaller development teams getting the success they deserve. But it can be a game in itself at times trying to choose a game from a choice of so many, so here is why Wargroove should be on your radar. Read more