Let’s Plays

These short gameplay videos are walkthroughs of demo builds of Indie games that are streamed live on Twitch at the time of recording.

Flynn, Son of Crimson Demo

flynn thumbnailCheck out this demo of an upcoming and very promising looking 2D action platformer! Solve puzzles and take down enemies as you master the use of you melee and ranged weapons. Watch video


Badminton Warrior Demo

badminto warrior thumbnailTake control of Ral and his enchanted Badminton racket as you set off on an adventure to rescue your friend Mindy in this quirky and fun platformer! You will need to master the art of deflecting projectiles back at your enemies with an array of types of shots! Watch video

Hazelnut Bastille Demo

hazelnut bastille titleHazelnut Bastille is a 16 bit single player adventure which draws inspiration from the classic Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Indulge in this beautifully crafted world full of fascinating creatures and characters and prepare for a real challenge! Watch video


Apartment 327 Demo

apartment 327 thumbnailApartment 327 takes you on an atmospheric first person adventure in an old house as you travel between different time periods in an attempt to uncover the truth about what happened in the house. Be warned, it will creep you out! Watch video