Omno – A beautiful journey awaits

Beautiful, that is the first word that springs to mind when I first set my eyes upon the world of Omno. The game looks visually stunning and nothing short of it, but add to it the level of atmosphere Omno creates and it instantly pulls you in. I must admit, I am a sucker for a deep atmosphere in games which is probably what has drawn me in so much about Omno. But atmosphere can only do so much, the gameplay needs to be impressive and after doing my research and watching gameplay videos, it is clear that there is more to Omno than what meets the eye. So please sit back, relax and allow me to explain to you why the gorgeous and intriguing world of Omno should be on your radar for when it releases next year.

Omno pic1
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If you ever played a game called Journey (which I highly recommend you do if you haven’t) you will of course remember how beautifully crafted that game was. It’s unique style looked beautiful and had a certain atmosphere about it that really brought the game to life. Not to mention the fact that it really put gamers emotions to the test and encouraged us to get behind the protagonist and want him to succeed. Omno reminds me of Journey a lot for these reasons and if Omno can get anywhere close to drawing me in the same way that Jouney did, especially in the way it made me feel towards the protagonist then I know we will be in for a treat. I do not remember a game of Journeys scale that has been able to achieve that since it released nearly 7 years ago! It has been too long, I feel like it’s time to reconnect with a game on this scale the same way I did with Journey. So it would seem that Omno has a lot riding on it, but I am confident it will be able to bring out some of those emotions I have as a gamer as I journey through its beautiful landscapes.

The kind of landscapes we can expect to see in this gorgeous single player adventure bone-chilling tundra’s, heat-provoking deserts and lush green forests. You will even get the chance to journey across the clouds! All of this travelling is in a bid to discover an ancient world of wonders. You will be challenged to overcome many obstacles puzzles in which Omno has to offer, 3D platforming stle and has many hidden secrets to uncover. The world comes complete with many creatures to interact with that may either get in your way or offer a helping hand from as small as rock-like crabs to as big as friendly dinosaurs. You will uncover ancient relics throughout your journey which you must use your magic staff to power up which I assume only scratches the surface as to your magic staffs full potential. You will unlock new abilities which will enable you to progress through the game including the ability to dash across platforms in mid air just to name one example.

Omno has been in development for over 2 years by solo developer Jonas Manke aka StudioInkyfox and is in it’s final stages of development having already crushed its funding target on Kickstarter with 17 days to go. There have already been several stretch goals unlocked but still more to unlock provided the game receives enough funding, which I very much doubt won’t happen considering how successful Omno has been on Kickstarter. If you’re interested, why not check out the games stretch goals on the Kickstarter page and consider pledging if you would like to see more unlocked. The game will of course release on Steam but Manke hopes to bring Omno to consoles if he can get enough financial backing, I think it is safe to assume that we will see this game on consoles, it’s already a hit with backers and hasn’t even released on Steam yet!

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In the gameplay videos you will notice that the protagonist has what it looks like a friendly creature following him/her around, so I am interested to see how this friendly creature interacts with the protagonist and what it can do to help you in the game. I’m hoping that it will actually use some skills of its own in order for you to progress and not just follow you around shouting “Hey! Listen!” at you like other characters in past single player adventure games. Also I am interested to see what other kind of abilities you can unlock for your magic staff, Omno doesn’t look particularly heavily combat focussed so I doubt you will get many combat related abilities which is fine with me. I love the idea of exploring a vast and beautiful world with many things in it to interact with and secrets to uncover by using newly acquired abilities. Omno looks like it is going to be that sort of game and it has me excited!

Whether you are much of a fan of single player adventure games or not, you cannot deny the enticing charm Omno has. Manke has stated that although there is still more work to do to ensure the game is finished, all the worlds are in a playable state and the game mechanics are done. Let’s give the developer as much time as he needs though because creating a game like Omno on your own and ensuring it runs at a steady framerate I am sure is a tall order. It is not getting the best of Manke though and you have to admire the fact that he is building this game exactly the way he wants through his own vision no matter what hold ups get in his way. This is without doubt the best time in the gaming industry’s history to be a solo developer or an Indie developer and it is exciting to so so many projects like Omno get be a success alongside so many big AAA games.

Omno pic5
Omno pic6
Honestly, I’m already in but Omno at least deserves a look in if you are a single player enthusiast like myself or even if you just fancy playing a game that won’t stress you out and will allow you to relax and take it all in. Have a look at the gameplay video below if you haven’t already seen Omno in action and let me know what you think in the comments below. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter for more Indie magic.

Witten by Sammy J on 17th November 2018

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