Tower Princess: I’ve Come For You – First impressions

Densely populated with 3D action platformers is where the gaming industry finds itself currently, so whenever a new game of this genre is announced it is already assumed that it needs to be something pretty special if it is to be taken seriously. On the other hand, if it is a game not to be taken too seriously but can stand on it’s own two feet boasting it’s own unique style and approach that draws people in then it could be quite successful. Tower Princess: I’ve Come For You stands in this position, while there are a lot of very good action platformers that boast their own independence, I have never come across a game quite like it. Before we get into the nitty gritty, let it be known that I tried the demo and as you will see from my first look video it is fairly obvious that I could do with a bit more practice.

For the most part, Tower Princess plays well, I used my XBox1 controller with the demo and because of how many commands there are it makes sense that using a controller of some description is the way to go. That being said I never actually tried it using a mouse and keyboard but history dictates that these types of games are more suited to controllers anyway. The three face buttons are used to jump and for three types of attack, your normal swing of your sword, (which can be swung multiple times to deal combo hits to enemies) another is a dash hit (that has you charge towards an enemy in a quick burst) and the last but not least is a kind of spin attack (having you spin around multiple times dealing damage to surrounding enemies). You will pick up items along the way such as healing potions etc and you will be able to use them with your Dpad. The trigger buttons are mainly used for other actions like to dodge roll and to open doors and talk to people etc. If you want to get far in Tower Princess you will need to master the art of dodge rolling strategically as no amount of mashing the attack button will help in the long run. You will often be swarmed with enemies forcing you to construct a more conservative battle plan with the correct balance of attacking and evading.

The other main skill you will need to brush up on going into the game is your skill of platforming. The tower is riddled with dangerous traps for you to evade like spikes that appear out of the ground and giant fans that try to blow you off platforms causing you to fall to your demise. Also a game wouldn’t be complete if there was not at least a hint of the odd puzzle element or two, fortunately Tower Princess does contain them. I only saw glimpses of puzzle elements in the demo like hitting a switch to open a door or operate a moving platform but I’m guessing these are just setting the tone for bigger puzzle aspects later on in the full game. While the enemies you fight in the demo are hardly the most imaginative looking enemies you will ever come across, they are what you’d expect in a game as light hearted as this one. I fought other evil looking knights as well as these giant slimy ice cube looking things and some mini cauldrons….but the issue for me isn’t what the enemies look like but rather the issues I faced trying to fight them. Granted, I’m no pro at the game or experienced whatsoever but it seemed to me that aiming your normal attack didn’t always work out and I often found my character starting off by hitting the enemy but the next two hits were swiping at thin air. Also a big issue for me was towards the end of the demo when you are in the courtyard trying to fend off multiple enemies at once. To use your spin attack it takes a second for your character to charge it up before using the attack which leaves you vulnerable and there is no way (from what I could see) to cancel this attack if you pressed the wrong button.

tower princess 1
tower princess 2
I feel that for the most part, the game handles well but the controls don’t feel as tight as they should do, but we must remember this is only a demo build and I expect these minor issues can be resolved in time for the games 2020 release. The soundtrack compliments the graphical style of Tower Princess, it’s very light hearted and the overall feel of the game makes you feel like you are in a humorous fairy tale, a bit like Shrek I suppose! You take control of an average everyday humdrum knight that sets out on a quest to save the Princess from her captor which is some evil dragon. In order to get to the dragon you will have to fight your way through many randomly generated dungeons which all have a boss waiting for you at the end. The demo ends when the boss appears….that’s right, when it appears! You don’t get to fight the boss at the end of the demo which for me, was almost heart breaking. At least I did get to rescue a Princess, there are many to be rescued and when you do, they will follow you on your adventure for a while granting you special abilities to help you on your way. The Princess I rescued for example was an undead zombie looking Princess who was able to cast healing spells.

So set off as an average knight, free the Princess from captivity from an evil dragon whilst fighting your way from randomly generated dungeons and go on the most complicated date in history in this light hearted and humorous dungeon crawler! Sound like your kind of thing? Then why not give the demo a try? With the minor issues that I have already mention resolved in the full game we could see a decent combat induced platformer in Tower Princess. It is worth noting that the game is scheduled to release on Steam in the first quarter of 2020 but with enough interest and backing it could also see PlayStation 4, Xbox1 and Nintendo Switch ports via stretch goals. Check out their kickstarter page to see other stretch goals and maybe consider backing if the game interests you enough. The campaign is going well, at the time of writing this, Tower Princess has been pledged just over £19k out of £26k required to fund the game with still 11 days to go so I don’t see any issues with us at least getting the Steam version.

tower princess 3
tower princess 4
Tower Princess is at least worth a look if this kind of genre is at least slightly interesting to you, if you manage to give the demo a try, let me know your thoughts on it in the comments down below!

Witten by Sammy J on 24th February 2019

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