Wargroove – an exciting game the current gen needs

One thing is for certain, the last two console generations saw a resurgence with Indie games. Having so many Indie games to choose from on whatever platform you prefer to play them on is not only a good thing because it gives gamers more of a choice of games to try, but because it’s encouraging to see smaller development teams getting the success they deserve. But it can be a game in itself at times trying to choose a game from a choice of so many, so here is why Wargroove should be on your radar.

wargroove title screen

What is Wargroove?

Fans of the Advance Wars games which hit the Nintendo DS what seems like a lifetime ago now will feel right at home with Wargroove which draws it’s inspiration from the DS titles. It is also worth mentioning that the Fire Emblem series is the only other big game series of this genre that I can think of but we can safely assume that Wargroove draws it’s inspiration mainly from Advance Wars. The genre may be a niche at this point but it’s the niche titles that draw Indie developers the most attention and Wargroove will fill the void this current generation has been lacking. To me, Advance Wars on the Nintendo DS was an absolute treasure trove of a game for its time which seemed jam packed with content and offered hundreds of hours of gameplay. Considering a single match could sometimes last up to a whole hour, you could always count on Advance Wars as a valuable time sink if you wished to kill a few hours. By the look of how development is going, it seems as though Wargroove is going to give Advance Wars fans the same experience, if not expand on it!

Wargroove is a tactical turn-based strategy game where players command an army and wage war against their opponents. Choose from one of 12+ commanders from 4 factions and play the single player campaign which boasts a unique campaign for each commander or play against up to 3 other players via local or online multiplayer. The excitement of playing a game like Advance Wars online again is why I am interested in Wargroove but the unique story campaigns for each commander was a pleasant surprise. Some of the commanders need to be unlocked as you progress through the story mode which adds to the replay value of playing the game single player. Also as far as I remember, Advance Wars (Dark Conflict) could only be played against one other player online whether that’s with a friend or against a random player. So imagine the possibilities of warring it up against 3 other players online! The carnage, the unlikely alliances, the backstabbing, the strategic planning, the pulling off intense victories, the list goes on!

You will be able to enjoy playing the game in multiplayer either locally or online competitively or co-operatively as well as playing the skirmish missions the game has to offer. But you won’t be bogged down to playing within certain limitations as Wargroove enables players full rule customization for each match they play so that players can play the way they want. That’s not all on the customization front either, the game comes complete with easy to use in game map AND campaign editors! You move your army around the maps a bit like chess in that the maps are grid based, so a map editor seems like a no brainer and wouldn’t be too complex. But the campaign editor has me excited, I’m just wondering how far they will let you go with it, if you can intertwine factions together in the campaigns or if the game will let you share them online etc. There is plenty to get excited about with Wargroove and I don’t need to tell Advance Wars fans as no doubt they will already be chomping at the bit to get their hands on this game.

wargroove map

wargroove battle

Anything else?

One thing gamers should feel at ease about when it comes to Wargroove is that it is being developed and published by quite a highly regarded development team known as Chucklefish Games, who take pride in developing and publishing their own games as well as often supporting other developers. Most avid gamers will have at least heard of Chucklefish Games possibly by playing one of their other games in their portfolio, Wargroove will add what is shaping up to be another high quality title to add to it. Some of their other titles are also highly regarded by gamers such as the recently released Pocket Rumblea 2D beat em up developed by Cardboard Robot Games and published by Chucklefish Games. It’s simplistic learning curve along with it’s unique and diverse array of characters has Pocket Rumble fans playing for hours, not to mention it has a near flawless netcode for a lag-free online multiplayer experience. Also who can forget the very highly regarded farming sim Stardew Valley? Developed by Sickhead Games and Published by Chucklefish Games is this every green Rune Factory style game that has been quite possibly the biggest success story in Indie game development over the last couple of years. If you haven’t scratched that farming sim itch yet, now is the time to get Stardew Valley as online multiplayer has recently been released in beta for the PC version.

The latest from the development team is that Wargroove’s development is coming along nicely and is still planned for a 2018 release on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox 1 and PC. So whatever your preferred gaming platform, Wargroove will be available on every system in the current gaming generation and will no doubt need all the exposure it can get as it will be releasing somewhere near what is looking like a busy and expensive time of the year for gamers. But even if Wargroove releases in October this year alongside many huge fantastic games releasing in that month, there will still be a guaranteed day 1 purchaser in me. It is very important we do our bit to support Indie titles and what better game to support than Wargroove for myself? As an avid Advance Wars player, I am very excited to see that Chucklefish Games were also fans of the series and feel it is necessary to bring us this style of game back in quite a big way.

wargroove infantry

wargroove castle
Make sure you follow Wargroove’s development progress for the latest news on the game including the much anticipated release date. In the meanwhile, enjoy the gameplay video below and let me know what you think of the game in the comments section below.

Uploaded by TreuGaming Network

Written by Sammy J on 24th August 2018

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