We don’t need the PS4 Pro or the Xbox Scorpio

The PS4 and the Xbox One are both wonderful machines, never before have we ever been able to feel so immersed in our games as much as we are now because of these two consoles. They are both without doubt technological masterpieces in gaming and there is no reason for anybody to disagree with that statement. What more could we ask for out of these two machines? Well how about some games? Honestly, it feels to me like the PS4 and the Xbox One are capable of such great things but have very little to show for it in the way of games…and it sucks! What sucks even more is that they already have newer consoles coming out soon to “replace” them.

I don’t want anyone to start thinking that this article is going to turn into an anti PS4/Xbox One article with mindless bashing of each, far from it. Please don’t forget that this is an opinion piece, but an opinion shared by others I am sure. Like I have already said, both consoles are fantastic and have a lot going for them and what disappoints me is that they have so much to give and yet have not had the quantity of games needed to show off their true capabilities. I feel that both consoles have been on the market long enough now to have received plenty of AAA games that show off their real identities. I’m not saying that the games already released on both systems don’t do this, I am just saying that we should have had more by now.

Allow me to continue by saying that the PS4 and Xbox One have both had some quality titles released, the PS4 has been killing the competition in terms of units sold and while the Xbox One got off to a pretty bad start, it has certainly turned a corner in recent times. The bad start I am referring to by the way is not specifically anything to do with sales but more to do with Microsoft’s business decisions and the reversing there of (always online etc). While both consoles will almost certainly always have the guarantee of having all the big third party games released on there systems, it’s usually the exclusives that play the deciding factor for any gamer looking to purchase one or the other. Both consoles have good exclusives but it is the PS4 that currently has the lion share.

uncharted-4 halo-5

While the PS4 might have Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, the Xbox One has Halo 5. But while the Xbox One has Forza 5, the PS4 has Gran Turismo. However the PS4 currently has a lot more exclusives than the Xbox One that are either released or soon to be released, Infamous: Second Son, The Last of Us: Remastered and Final Fantasy Remake just to name a few. So we can all agree that both the PS4 and the Xbox One have got some exceptional games on their books, so what’s the problem? The problem is that we have not had the same treatment as we did in the 7th gen. If you remember, last gen we were treated to a huge host of killer titles, some of which I find myself playing through now because of my personal opinion that we do not yet have the same magic this gen to play through.

Let’s touch briefly on a few titles that really defined the 7th gen, once we are reminded how iconic these games were last gen you might agree that we just haven’t had as good a cycle this gen. I am hoping this will be changed in the near future but I am not seeing it, hopefully I am wrong. Anyway, starting with Mass Effect 2, this game was just shockingly good, GTA IV is another, and ok I appreciate that GTA V may have stole the thunder but GTA IV in my opinion was just as iconic when it launched. Then you have Gears of War and Gears 2, Call of Duty enjoyed arguably it’s most popular stint in the 7th gen as well. Then you also have the likes of Super Mario Galaxy on the Nintendo Wii which still holds up today even if it was only in standard definition. I also feel that Bioshock and Street Fighter IV are worth mentioning as personal favourites.

mass-effect-2 street-fighter-4

I understand that there are so many more games worth mentioning and the ones I have mentioned do not serve justice alone to the 7th gen, so apologies for missing out others that you might feel deserve a mention as I am sure there are a lot that do. The point of this article was not to merely point out how many better games we had in the 7th gen compared to the 8th, but more to point out that we do not yet need new consoles filling our shelves, TV stands and general living room space when our current consoles have not been able to prove themselves yet. What do we need the PS4 or the Xbox Scorpio for exactly? Could Sony and Microsoft not spend their money and resources on bringing us at least the same level of quality titles that we had in the 7th gen? Call me crazy but as a gamer, that is what I fork money out for when I invest in a games console and I don’t expect to be hindered with having to make a decision on buying an 8.5 gen console when it is clearly too soon to release new consoles.

It might be best to leave Nintendo out of this particular discussion because their new console (codenamed NX) is more of a whole new console rather than Sony and Microsoft’s .5 gen consoles. Although it is worth mentioning that the Wii U flopping is more evidence of an overrated 8th gen. So let’s go over some basic facts about what the PS4 Pro and Xbox One will have to offer and then we can judge for ourselves whether or not it is worth taking the punt and parting with our hard earned cash for these machines. As I am sure you will all know by now that I have already made up my mind about them which is that I will not be making the jump but I am interested to know if many people will be.

It makes sense that both the PS4 Pro and the Xbox Scorpio will have at least 8GB graphics memory, nothing factual about that but it’s just what we would expect as a minimum. Graphics memory does not seem to be the hook of these two consoles however, what we should really be looking at is GPU and memory bandwidth because these tie into 4k and virtual reality gaming which seems to be the angle these two machines are bending towards. The PS4 Pro will have 4.12 TFLOPS, 8GB GDDR5 while the Xbox Scorpio will have 6 TFLOPS, 320GBGB/s which sounds like it will be substantially dominant in the 4k gaming and virtual reality area. Although we do not know too much about the Xbox Scorpio yet so you may have to take all of this with a grain of salt. The PS4 Pro is set to release in November this year, while the Xbox Scorpio is scheduled to release in Winter 2017.

ps4-pro project-scorpio

So it seems that we are moving into the direction of 4k display and virtual reality with console gaming. Not that I see this as a bad thing, I was just hoping we wouldn’t see this just yet. I want to be able to enjoy the current 8th gen systems for what they are and not for them to be overshadowed by newer consoles that we are not necessarily ready for yet. I am yet to have any kind of 4k or virtual reality gaming experience and I can promise you I will give them both a go, I just feel after the success of the 7th gen I was hoping for more of the same but better with the 8th gen. I am personally not ready to make the leap from my 8th gen machines to the PS4 Pro or the Xbox Scorpio, please just bring us some of the magic that we once had in the 7th gen. Bring us games, that is what we desire…

Am I being harsh? Should I give the PS4 Pro and the Xbox Scorpio a break? Should I make the leap to these new consoles? What do you all think? Are many of you excited about the prospect of these new machines and what they have to offer? I would love to hear all your thoughts so please let me know how you feel in the comments section below. Also, please enjoy this short discussion video I made which highlights why I feel the 8th gen has been overrated.

Sammy J has his say ep 2 – The 8th gen has been overrated to say the least

Written by Sammy J on 02 October 2016



8 thoughts on “We don’t need the PS4 Pro or the Xbox Scorpio

  1. Jason

    The 2 consoles have proved themselves.Both have been out for about 3 years.4k gaming is the future.I have a 4k tv ready for the ps4 pro.Eye -popping graphics for sur


  2. Matthias Meyer

    I would go further – worst gen we ever had.
    Under todays circumstances an Atari Jaguar would have a great library … but it never had this, why it failed. Without 10 real exclusives must haves a machine is nothing but poor entertainment.
    Just compare 2 Years with Dreamcast to the last 3 years and everybody should wake up – if beeing impartial is a still common sense.

    Liked by 1 person

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