What the NX needs to have a place along side the PS4/XB1


It’s coming….you can almost taste it, the reveal of the NX feels so close you can almost taste it. The latest rumour is that it will be revealed sometime this coming week as advised by investment company Macquarie, who feel that the supposed price for the NX is a “major disappointment”. I personally cannot agree with that statement, since when has a price point of $300-$350 been “majorly disappointing” for a brand new console? Granted, we do not know what the console is or what features it might have but we would all like to assume that Nintendo have learned from recent mistakes and the NX will not suffer the same fate as the Wii U. If the NX is to stand along side the PS4 and the Xbox One, it simply cannot be anything like the Wii U.

Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima has said in the past that the NX is going to be a totally new gaming experience and will be moving away from the Wii name, so I highly doubt a Wii U 2.0 is on the cards. Although I am glad of this, I’m not saying that I did not enjoy my time with my Wii U. I got it on day one and ploughed a lot of money into it, below is a picture I took of my Wii U and games before saying goodbye to it. What I am saying is that I am very disappointed that the Wii U did not live up to anyone’s expectations and this time round, Nintendo’s marketing team cannot afford to be lazy with the NX. Nintendo will absolutely have their work cut out for them if they want the NX to succeed and if they want to remain relevant in the gaming industry.


Big Launch

It goes without saying that the NX needs to launch with a bang! Provided the price is right, the NX could indeed have a very successful launch as long as it has the games, I’m not talking an abundance of shovelware and party games either. It needs to have at least a few AAA games as well as some B and C tear games that are released along side the launch of the console. Also let us know what else is coming out for the system, but do not under any circumstance promise us launch window games and then delay them for several months (Pikmin 3). Bundles are very important too, remember that if you want the NX to be successful and win back the respect that may have been lost by past dedicated Nintendo gamers, choose which games to bundle with the system wisely. With the Wii U as the example, The UK was lucky enough to receive a Zombie U bundle at launch while in the US, as far as I remember all they got was a Nintendoland bundle. Do not force party games down our throats Nintendo, the Nintendoland bundle as the only bundle option in the US at launch was not cool.

So then, imagine the NX were to launch with some big first party AAA games, the new Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a given and a very good move as well. But also imagine having a brand new fully fledged 3D Mario game, maybe even an open world one? A man can dream. Also, why not throw in a new Metroid game? We all know that Retro Studios have been working on a new project, could it be a launch game for the NX? These 3 huge Nintendo IP’s launching along side maybe Dragon Quest XI make four very enticing AAA games to launch on the NX. Throw in a few 3rd party multiplat games for good measure (your Call of Duty’s and Fifa’s) and you have a potentially solid launch line up right there.

zelda-botw dragon-quest-xi

3rd Party Support

The Wii U didn’t have amazing 3rd party support to begin with and as time went on the support got smaller and smaller until by the time Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs was released on the system, virtually all 3rd party support was dropped. If all the major 3rd party developers and publishers are going to ignore the NX like they did the Wii U, then most gamers will ignore the NX as well, it’s as simple as that. We have by now discovered that Nintendo’s own IP’s no matter how good they are, are not enough to keep the attention of the majority of the core gaming audience. I am very hopeful that the NX was shown to 3rd parties a long time ago and dev kits were rolled out in order to get as many developers on board with the system.

As a past Wii U gamer, I know only too well the droughts that the console suffered from it’s initial launch up until now. If the NX were to have a stable 3rd party support, the droughts would be significantly cut and they could schedule the releases of their first party games more effectively. I literally have no idea how powerful the NX is going to be but what I do know is that if it is significantly weaker than the PS4 and the Xbox One, 3rd party developers will likely lose interest in the system early on. Also they will not want to develop games for a system that is held back by something too gimmicky like the Wii U gamepad for example. The vision of a developer, big or small should not be hampered by a peripheral that has no long lasting appeal.

wii u news, what's new wii u news, what's new

Features and functionality

A very important one this. As gamers, we all know the most important reason for buying a games console, to play amazing games on it. But also if we are in the market to buy a new phone, we don’t just want a phone that makes phone calls and nothing else. Sometimes it’s the other features of a gadget that act as a deciding factor when it comes to a purchase. Yes we want the NX to have a fantastic line up of games available first and foremost but we would all be lying if we ever said that we would be satisfied if it had nothing else. The Wii U gamepad was not revolutionary to me, neither was the Wii remote. I will gladly take a normal controller over anything too gimmicky for the NX any day.

Nintendo likes to march to the beat of their own drum, that is no secret but I find it astonishing how they never included some basic key features with the Wii U like even the Xbox 360 had. Party chat is a golden example here, the microphone built into the Wii U gamepad had barely any use whatsoever and the Wii U chat feature was extremely pointless to me. If I want to talk to one of my friends one to one I will use my phone or Skype, Wii U chat should have at the very least had an option allowing you to chat to someone whilst playing on a game, even if both of you were playing two different games. I also think that a proper achievement system on a Nintendo console is long overdue, it wouldn’t be the be all and end all for me if one was not included on the NX but it would let a lot of people down. They could really be onto a winner with a Nintendo themed achievement system that rewards players on the amount of gaming they put into the NX.

The NX needs to have a decent online system, even if we have to pay for a membership it doesn’t matter. PlayStation gamers were not too happy when they learned that they will need to pay a subscription for online services on the PS4 but it did not stop them from getting on board with it. I will not mind paying for an online Nintendo membership if a good service is provided. Please also let me send game invites or quick messages to my NX friends quickly and efficiently, unlike on the Wii U where you had to log into Miiverse first to send a message and wait for the recipient to log into Miiverse before he or she sees the message.

I could write about other elements the NX could do with in order to hold it’s own against the competition like price or exclusives but pricing always depends on what it is we are actually paying for and the NX will always have Nintendo’s IP’s for exclusives. That being said some third party exclusives would certainly not go a miss, bring on Bayonetta 3!

Do you agree? What else could the NX do with to be relevant along side the PS4 and Xbox One? Do you believe the NX will be revealed this week as rumours suggest? Will the NX be delayed? Please let me know in the comments section below. In the meantime, here’s a short discussion video I made discussing this articles topic.

Sammy J has his say ep3 – Nintendo NX: Determined to succeed or destined for failure?

Written by Sammy J on 16 October 2016

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